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Cirrus Aviation is the biggest and fastest growing private jet charter company in Las Vegas. We are inviting Las Vegas industry locals to join us as agents and partners.

Are you ready to step up and elevate the Las Vegas experience for your clients today?

Here's how agents can find success with Cirrus Aviation:

  • 5% commission paid on flight fees for clients you bring to Cirrus Aviation directly. This applies to agents who are directly involved in the transaction.
  • 2.5% commission if you refer a new client who is flying with Cirrus Aviation for the first time. This applies to agents who are not directly involved in the transaction. As a bonus, you will receive an additional 2.5% on any flights the client books directly with Cirrus Aviation for 12 months following the first flight, even if the agent is not directly involved with the booking.
  • A free empty leg flight for any agent who books two or more flights within a six month period. Agent will be able to bring at least one or two guests on the flight, depending on the aircraft.


Tips for success…


  • Signing up for our empty legs program is the best way to maximize the relationship between your clients and Cirrus Aviation. For example, there may be an empty flight returning to Las Vegas during a busy weekend. Cirrus Aviation may be able to give that flight to the agent's client for free on the condition the client books a return flight. This allows the agent to not only look great by comping a flight for a client, but to also earn a percentage on the return flight.
  • Follow the Cirrus Aviation twitter account. It's a great resource for finding out about last-minute empty leg deals.
  • Get familiar with Cirrus Aviation's fleet of private jets. While these are not the only planes available to clients, they represent the advantages, speed and luxury of flying by private charter. The jets sell themselves and the more you can say about them to your clients, the more they will be eager to book a flight.
  • Use the following form to sign up new clients. It's fast, easy and expedites your client's information into our hands immediately. It also helps secure your commission. One of the advantages of flying by private jet is that your client and his or her party can be in the air within 90 minutes. Saving time is often the priority with high-value clients.