Cirrus Avation
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How To Start Earning Money

  1. If you haven't already, register yourself as a Cirrus Agent here.*
  2. Once you have registered, gather your clients information and their desired flight plan.
  3. Submit the form choosing your name as the Agent.
  4. Receive call from Cirrus Aviation within minutes...

Commission Structure:

  • 5% commission paid on flight fees for clients you bring to Cirrus Aviation directly. This applies to agents who are directly involved in the transaction.
  • 2.5% commission if you refer a new client who is flying with Cirrus Aviation for the first time. This applies to agents who are not directly involved in the transaction. As a bonus, you will receive an additional 2.5% on any flights the client books directly with Cirrus Aviation for 12 months following the first flight, even if the agent is not directly involved with the booking. 
  • A free empty leg flight for any agent who books two or more flights within a six month period. Agent will be able to bring at least one or two guests on the flight, depending on the aircraft.


*If you are not an agent you will have to register to become one before you can book a flight for your client.New Call-to-action